Whether you need specific expertise or a variety of skill sets, I can help you with a mix of UI, Visual Design and UX tools that come in handy when making apps and websites.

Sketching & wireframing

Communicating  a conceptual idea through visuals from low to high fidelity.

Example of sketching and digital wireframing

Mockups & moodboard

Creating atmosphere and visual vocabulary for a brand or a product.

Examples of mockup and moodboard


Producing an interactive blueprint (paper prototype, Axure) which can be tested in front of an audience.

Prototyping with POP app

User journeys & profiles

Based on marketing and user research, defining user interests, needs and the path to their goals.

Example of user profiles and their journeys

Card sorting

Prioritising, grouping, naming workflows, structures and pages as an approach to information architecture.

Example of card sorting with post-its for information architecture

Pattern library

Communicating design in a modular way, creating HTML and CSS resources developers can use directly.

Pattern library details with components and source code